July Update

7/1 - Met with Rep. Bob Rankin and Candidate (HD 55) Dan Thurlow regarding key issues, house rules and preparation for serving

7/1 - Met with key representatives of the Colorado River District to get further detailed information on pressing water issues

7/4 - Met with community leaders in Collbran and attended Heritage Days, then Palisade Parade and then GJ Parade

7/7 - Met with local Delta attorneys Aaron Clay and Michael Vaughn and businessman Joe Davis, MD regarding innovative ideas for jump starting Delta economy

7/10 - Attended Chamber of Commerce summit on status of State Water Plan

7/10 - Toured Oxbow Mine and met with key coal executives regarding business and regulatory challenges and rebuttal science to alleged climate change causes, together with senate candidate Don Suppes

7/11 - Met with county commissioner candidate regarding difficult issues as to Roan Plateau oil/gas leases and pre-payments and potential work-out options

7/15 - Attended interview by 35+ representatives of Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry and obtained endorsements

7/15 - Met with oil and gas executives with West Slope operations, including Laramie/Piceance, Gunnison, Caerus, and Barrett, as well as with COGA, obtaining endorsements

7/17-19 - Attended Deltarado Days (Farm and Ranch Lunch, Altrusa BBQ, Parade and Expo) and Mesa County Fair events, including meetings with constituents and community/business leaders

7/23 - Met with state school board candidate Marcia Neal, candidate Dan Thurlow and Ruth Ehlers regarding current education issues

7/24 - Attended Colorado Aerospace summit sponsored by Club 20 and meeting of Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado and presentation by Harriet Hageman, Esq. on federal government over-regulation of business and cititzens, and begin discussions of approaches to increase manufacturing in Mesa County through utilization of Capco, Lewis Engineering and All-Metals Welding 

7/29 - Met with Steve Schultz, School Distr. 51 Superintendent, regarding various education issues

7/31 - Attended Club 20 meetings focused on agriculture, water, energy and public lands, and met with state house candidate J. Paul Brown and Senator Ellen Roberts