September Update

A busy month on the campaign trail!  I attended and/or participated in the following meetings, presentations, and events:

9/2 - West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas (WSCOGA) fundraiser for disabled youth Challenger Program at GJ Rockies Game

9/3 - Meet and greet with other Republican candidates, hosted by Rocky Mountain Gun Club

9/4 - Breakfast meeting to learn about higher education funding with local CU Regent Glen Gallegos and CU V.P. Tanya Kelly-Bowry

9/6 - Club 20 debates

9/8 - Tour of Delta-Montrose Technical College with Director John Jones and meeting with Superintendent Gibson of Delta School District regarding their plans and challenges

9/8 - Rally in support of Coal mining and power plants in Craig, CO and help with rebuttal to onerous EPA regulations and future plans

9/9 - Daily Sentinel editorial board interview

9/9 - Conference call /  Colorado Department of Economic Development presentation 

9/10 - Chamber of Commerce energy luncheon / learn about new gas development projects by WPX and Encana

9/11 - Candidate Forum in Delta

9/14 - Meet and greet in Glade Park

9/15 - DeBeque Town Hall/Trustee meeting

9/17 - Delta County Republican Party HQ grand opening in Hotchkiss and media event

9/19 - Jennifer Sorbonne of Colorado's Department of Higher Education Finance division regarding challenges facing the state budget and education in particular

9/19 - Republican Luncheon and presentation by Trevor Louden

9/20 - Pea Green Hustle fundraiser for Delta Hospital

9/22 - Chamber of Commerce debates and interview process, obtained unanimous endorsement of screening committee and Board

9/24 - Community wide open house and candidate forum at Collbran/Molina/Mesa

9/26 - Open house in DeBeque

9/27 - Fruita Fall Fest parade and meet and greet

9/27 - Delta meet and greet

August Update

8/5 - Traveled to Denver to make presentation to Colorado Contractors/BuildingJobs4Colorado and Colorado Ski Country and obtain their endorsements

8/6 - Attended COGA's annual seminar/Energy Expo

8/7 - Met with vice minority leader of the Colorado State House, Libby Szabo, re likely committee assignments and key issues for caucus

8/7 - Met US Senate candidate Cory Gardner

8/7 - Presented to Delta County Farm Bureau and obtained their endorsement

8/12 - Met with Governor candidate Bob Beauprez at Delta Country Republicans luncheon

8/12 - Presented at meet and greet with Mesa County Republican Women

8/13 - Met with Steve Durham to discuss issues of casino gambling and attacks on energy development

8/14 - Attended meet and greet and made presentation at Picture Ranch in Clifton

8/15 - Attended meet and greets in both Whitewater and Gateway

8/15 - Made presentation at Mesa County Republican luncheon

8/16 - Attended meet and greet in Collbran at Hawkshurst ranch

8/16 - Appeared in Peach Parade and volunteer at Peach Fest for Chamber of Commerce and Rotary

8/19 - Attended Palisade Rotary breakfast and met with US Rep. candidate Scott Tipton

8/19 - Attended SCORE economic summit at CMU

8/19 - Met with builder John Davis re issues affecting local businesses

8/19 - Attended Rotary club in Delta and presentation by Delta County School Distr. Super. Gibson

8/21 - Attended meet and greet at Feedlot in Fruita

8/26 - Attended meet and greet at Life Community Church on Redlands

8/27 - Attended meet and greet at Republican HQ

8/28 - Made presentation to BJ4C contractors and building association, and received formal endorsements

8/28 - Attended rural hospitals and mental health seminar together with House Rep. Bob Rankin

8/29 - Met with House Rep. Szabo and Sen. Ted Harvey re gun rights issues and other matters for upcoming legislative session

8/29 - Met w/ broadband expert Pete Kirchoff re issues of rural areas

July Update

7/1 - Met with Rep. Bob Rankin and Candidate (HD 55) Dan Thurlow regarding key issues, house rules and preparation for serving

7/1 - Met with key representatives of the Colorado River District to get further detailed information on pressing water issues

7/4 - Met with community leaders in Collbran and attended Heritage Days, then Palisade Parade and then GJ Parade

7/7 - Met with local Delta attorneys Aaron Clay and Michael Vaughn and businessman Joe Davis, MD regarding innovative ideas for jump starting Delta economy

7/10 - Attended Chamber of Commerce summit on status of State Water Plan

7/10 - Toured Oxbow Mine and met with key coal executives regarding business and regulatory challenges and rebuttal science to alleged climate change causes, together with senate candidate Don Suppes

7/11 - Met with county commissioner candidate regarding difficult issues as to Roan Plateau oil/gas leases and pre-payments and potential work-out options

7/15 - Attended interview by 35+ representatives of Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry and obtained endorsements

7/15 - Met with oil and gas executives with West Slope operations, including Laramie/Piceance, Gunnison, Caerus, and Barrett, as well as with COGA, obtaining endorsements

7/17-19 - Attended Deltarado Days (Farm and Ranch Lunch, Altrusa BBQ, Parade and Expo) and Mesa County Fair events, including meetings with constituents and community/business leaders

7/23 - Met with state school board candidate Marcia Neal, candidate Dan Thurlow and Ruth Ehlers regarding current education issues

7/24 - Attended Colorado Aerospace summit sponsored by Club 20 and meeting of Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado and presentation by Harriet Hageman, Esq. on federal government over-regulation of business and cititzens, and begin discussions of approaches to increase manufacturing in Mesa County through utilization of Capco, Lewis Engineering and All-Metals Welding 

7/29 - Met with Steve Schultz, School Distr. 51 Superintendent, regarding various education issues

7/31 - Attended Club 20 meetings focused on agriculture, water, energy and public lands, and met with state house candidate J. Paul Brown and Senator Ellen Roberts

June Update

6/5 - Met with Rep. Bob Rankin to discuss past year's legislative high-lights and what to expect in upcoming year

6/7 - Attended Scott Tipton reception and grand opening of Mesa County Republican headquarters

6/8 - Attended Lincoln Day dinner in rural Delta County, and gave presentation along w/ other key Republican candidates including Scott Tipton and Don Suppes

6/11 - Attended Chamber of Commerce seminar on Energy Update, put on by U.S. Chamber, including detailed explanations of safety procedures in frac and wastewater management; attend drill site tour of WPX and Halliburton facilities near Parachute, CO

6/19 - Made presentation to local trucking industry and state association and met with trucking public interest advisor as to highway, regulation and trucking issues

6/24 - Met with public policy and conservative issues expert Steve Durham about what next year will bring in Colorado politics

6/30 - Met with DA's office (Pete Hautzinger, Dan Rubenstein and Bo Zeerip) re various expected legislation and issues expected in upcoming year

May Update

Met with Governor candidate Bob Beauprez

May 1 - Attended BLM public input session in Debeque as to threat of retraction of long-standing oil and gas leases, to express opposition to overreach by Federal government and environmentalists

May 13 - Attended West Slope COGA luncheon as guest speaker and to discuss current issues affecting West Slope energy and economy

May 14 - Attended year-end legislative re-cap breakfast, hosted by Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce, with presentations from Senator King and Representative Scott

May 15 - Attended Clifton Warrior at Heart mens' breakfast as guest speaker and participate in inaugural open prayer circle outside in public parking lot, addressed to needs of our country and struggling men locally

May 17 - Attended listening session hosted by U.S. Sen. Udall and U.S. Rep. Tipton, re Colorado National Monument, and express objection over Federal overreach and lack of cooperation and symbiosis

May 19 - Met with Rep. Don Coram in Montrose to discuss interests common to Mesa, Delta and Montrose counties as to education, energy and economy

May 22 - Guest speaker at Grand Junction branch of Warrior at Heart ministries;

May 27 - Meet with Sharon Raggio, head of MindSprings, to discuss issues related to mental health in Mesa and Delta counties;

May 27 - Meet with Board of Colorado Farm Bureau (Mesa County) to discuss various issues of agriculture, water and private property rights;

May 28 - Meet in Denver with Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg and Rep. Ray Scott and mutual supporters to discuss past legislative session and upcoming issues;

May 28 - Meet in Denver with former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton and former U.S. Atty. Mike Norton, and obtain their endorsements