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Office Cleaning

There are times when business owners may decide to skimp on hiring or paying for office cleaning and decide to do it themselves. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the smartest way to go. You can end up seriously neglecting your office duties and take time away from staff when trying to cut corners. Office cleaning should be apart of every business plan and budget. Many janitorial services can do routine cleaning such as “green cleaning“. They can organized all plastic materials and make sure that they are getting into the right trash bins and even keep a weekly log on when to pick them up. Having a messy office with a lot of clutter can be very distracting.

A good cleaning company nearby can solve your problems!

Research has shown that employees working in a clean and safe environment are 90 percent more productive. Hiring a janitorial services helps your office run smoothly and gives an outward appearance of total professionalism. In the end, you will find that having a cleaning service not only saves time and money, but you produce a much healthy environment for your staff and yourself. You can depend on Southwestern Building Maintenance professionals that they are using the correct products and equipment at all times.

An office that looks clean gives great first impression to customers. If you have an office that has different requirements, this gives you an opportunity to create a customized cleaning program that works around your staff and your executive needs. Upon signing a contract, you get immediate peace of mind that your office will be taken care of without you having to worry about it any longer. Often these contracts will come with an account manager you can work directly with for any questions or concerns. Your staff will appreciate your office having a cleaning service as it’s been noted a clean office can lift staff morale.

Day porter services

This service can be invaluable to business owners who experiences a lot of traffic and just wants to keep their environment in tip-top shape throughout the workday. A day porter is someone who quietly works behind the scenes emptying trash, refilling sanitary items in restrooms, handling maintenance of the lobby, making sure all kitchens or cafeterias are cleaned and conducting set ups and tear downs of meeting or conference rooms. Basically this person is given a list of tasks that they must follow and perform each day on a particular schedule. They are not like a janitorial service that comes in after hours. Instead, they work the same hours as regular staff. They are present most of the day making sure your facility remains clean and looking professional. Every office is different, so it is best to look around for the best day porter service that fits your needs. Since you will be in contact with them during working hours, its best to practice good clear communication of what your expectations are regarding their duties.

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